1. Cells start late.

My Interpretation: The cell group is losing its exciting atmosphere.

My commitment: To have a cell that is so dynamic that no one would want to miss a moment of it.

The cell group should always start on time. Cell groups with cell members who are consistently coming late indicate that the people have lost their excitement in hearing the Word of God. Tardiness is a spirit which cell groups should cut off and not let to dominate in their meetings. The cell group can be compared to the partner you love. When you love someone, you value her and would not want to make her wait in a date. In the same way, when you love the cell group and the Lord, you would be passionate coming on time or even earlier to hear His Word and be ministered by the cell leader. In order to do this, the cell leader should be able to make the cell group dynamic enough to encourage the members to be always present and excited for the cell meeting.


2. Cells are passionless.

My interpretation: The cell is in an autopilot mode (mechanical).

My commitment: To have life changing cell life

A cell group should always be full of passion. If a cell leader is passionless, he can never be creative. We should learn from the Bereans, the kind of people who are full of passion and who always want to listen and actively engage in the Word of God. Because of their passion, it created in them nobility of character.

Acts 17:11 ¨Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what

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Paul said was true.¨

One should not come to the cell group just for the sake of friendship but for the sake of the vision. Jesus, from the very beginning until the end, has been so passionate in bringing the Gospel to the world. In the same way, as Christians and cell leaders, we cannot afford to lose that passion. People who are passionate are those people who will change because they can get the rhema, wisdom and revelation from the Word of God. However, if we are not passionate, the nobility of character would not be produced in us.

It is a decision to be excited. It is all about the emotion and passion of Jesus. If we are really dead in the spirit, we will not find it hard to be passionate as Christ. This is why we should always bear in mind Galatians 2:20 ¨I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.¨

An apathetic cell group is not attractive to go to. Cell groups that are passionless have members that are numb, as if they do not have feelings. They always say their okay and are always quiet. This is the high time to rediscover our passion so we could recover from the present conditions of our cell groups.


3. People are non-responsive and dead during the Word

My Interpretation: They are attending the church instead of being the church.

My Commitment: To have an exciting cell group. I will outlaw the reserved mindset.

Cell members who do not participate in the cell groups have the mindset that they are attending the church instead of being the church. The cell group becomes a program. They do not identify themselves as the church. They need to see that they are a being in the cell and not a program. The being is the one who evolves and changes and not the program. They need to outlaw the reserved mindset. They have to escape from the tradition. They are not the building, they are the beings. People who are predictable and same at all times are not fun to be with. A cell group should have a way to stimulate the being and to bring out the true character of a person.


4. Old style cell group with old style cell leaders are in charge of cell

My Interpretation: The next generation is not being released and empowered.

My Commitment: To empower the new ones to grow younger cells and build a team of young cell leaders

Cell leaders should always be innovative with how they facilitate their cell groups. The trend of today is rapidly changing from time to time. People change interests and passions. As good cell leaders, we need to cope with the sudden change so that our cell members will always be interested and excited for the cell group. We should also be able to raise up a new breed of leaders who would minister to the people of their generation. These young people should be taken into consideration as their potentials are yet to be released and discovered.


5. Cell locations are generally in poor conditions.

My interpretation: Excellence is missing in the cell.

My Commitment: To build excellence in all we do

A good place to conduct a cell group in is a must. The atmosphere around the cell group should be carefully considered as it would affect the quality of ministry time the leader can give to the members. The place should not be noisy so that members would be able to hear sufficiently the message being communicated during the cell meeting. It is also suggested that everyone have their own chairs and a table where they can gather together.


6. There was little laughter and fun in the cell.

My Interpretation: Leaders are overly religious and lack personality.

My commitment: To have a cell experience that is fun and as a cell leader, I must be a fun person to be with. Laughter and fun must be the core of our cells.

A cell group should always serve as a place to relax and unburden from all the problems and stresses the members may have. The sense of belongingness and family should always be evident in the cell group so that everyone would feel comfortable and happy spending time with each other. Ice breakers and games can be done while waiting for the other members to arrive for the cell group to start.


7. Weird people and weird experiences are allowed during the cell.

My Interpretation: Cell ceased to reach and to be relevant to the lost.

My Commitment: To outlaw all the weird people in my cell and make our cell lost friendly. I will guide appropriate manifestation of the Spirit’s moving.

Overly spiritual gestures in the cell group such as laying on of hands and speaking in tongues while first timers are present may cause the newcomers to feel awkward and uneasy while the cell is going on. The cell leader and his regular members should always think about what will make their first timers come back for the second time. They should not create an impression to the first timers that people in the cell group are weird and religious, instead, the new comers need to see the cell as a cool place to hang out with where they can meet people who are fun to be with.


8. Powerless, irrelevant, long and boring Word dominated the cell.

My interpretation: There are no quality communicators in the cell.

My commitment: To work on my communication skills and stay in touch with the people’s need

The cell group is basically divided into two important parts: the inspiration and instruction. During the inspiration part, cell members are being given the Word of God to meditate on. The cell leader should be able to share it effectively and efficiently through making the Word brief and not time consuming but powerful, ministering and full of revelation. Through this, the cell leader would have ample time to lay down specific instructions for goal settings for winning and such. Also, there would be more time for discipleship in the cell as the members would be given the chance to share their needs and the areas of their lives where they need help.


9. Very little vision is communicated in the cell.

My interpretation: There is lack of visionary cell leaders which makes God’s people die because of the lack of it.

My commitment: To be a visionary leader who makes our

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vision plain, who communicates it well and raises others to do the same

One of the main purposes of doing the cell is the impartation of the vision of winning souls and making disciples to the people. It is the high time to gather the members and minister to them about the calling God has given every one of us—to seek and save what was lost. The cell groups should also have the atmosphere of winning every meeting. As winning is highlighted in the cell, people will always be reminded of the vision God wants them to own.


10. Most cells are not growing despite much prayer and tears shed for the lost.

My interpretation: Cells are not actually reaching the lost. Prayers and tears do not replace bringing people to cell

My commitment: To build a soul winning, lost bringing cells. I will outlaw the “virtual reality” evangelism.

Faith without action is dead. The same principle is true in the cell groups. No matter how much prayer the leaders and members invest every meeting for the lost, if they are not doing anything to reach the people, nothing will happen. Faith and strategy work well together in winning unbelievers. Members should always have the mindset that they need to bring new people in the cell every week. The cell should not be stagnant but increasing in number every meeting, thus rapid multiplication happens in the cell.