More than 3,000 students from different universities enjoyed the Open and Loud WildSONs Opening on January 13, 2016 at the Rizal Park Open Auditorium.

Doulos WildSONS_3

Students from various universities along U-Belt and even from different areas partied to loud music, together with their friends and invites, opening the year of promotion and breakthrough for everyone. They received an inspirational and action-inducing message of reaching out to the next generation. Students were reminded of how every person needs God, and everyone must take a stand to reach and save the next generation. With much prayer, praise and worship and God’s Word, they claimed that this is already a victory for each campus.

Doulos WildSONS_6

The event ended with a huge announcement of WildSONs’ Campus Tour in February and March which is to be called Love Fest as well as the opening of a new venue: WildSONs Ortigas. Every student was filled with excitement for the great things that lay ahead for WildSONS and all campuses this 2016.

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