The end of the Wave 2 of the 90 Days Challenge brought a week-long celebration of victory won in every aspect of the lives of everyone in Doulos for Christ. Even rains or traffic could not stop people from taking part in the Week of Celebration at PBS Bldg, UN Avenue on Monday and Tuesday, and Cinema 5, Isetann Recto, from Wednesday to Friday. Thousands in total filled the venues throughout the week, as people could not stop counting all the ways that the Lord has blessed and increased them in the 90 Days Challenge.

On the first night, Pastor Geraldine Ballano (PGCB) taught the people that “Thanksgiving start from acknowledging that everything comes from God.” She then challenged everyone to “Be in a Bible-believing atmosphere because God’s Word is the final authority.”

PGCB stressed on the second night how Doulos for Christ has grown after the 90 Days Challenge from 3,457 to 5,174 men and from 6,752 to 8,910 women. As we pursue growth, PGCB reminded each cell leader to “”Connect, and don’t reject. Don’t reject people and you will not feel rejected.” She also emphasized manforce brand that the prototype of the cell group is the family. We must first grow in our relationship with our family.

The third night rose to the climax of the weeklong celebration as the main message from the Lord based on 1 John 5:4, declares that because we are God’s children, we are victorious. There’s nowhere to go other than toward victory! PGCB preached further, saying, “Our faith is not dependent on what we receive every day. It’s all about God.” She set the right mindset among the people when she prayed, “Lord, it’s all about You because You’ve done more than enough.”

PGCB went on to say, “God wants us to improve from glory to glory; we must involve ourselves only in His challenge, not on foolish challenges.” We should not limit ourselves with our own capacity if we want to release our potential. Instead, we should allow the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Freedom, to fill our body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. She then brought in the importance of engaging in the 90 Days Challenge, saying, “If you don’t engage in the challenge, nothing happens. You automatically lose… It is a deception to think that you are not engaged in the challenge, because every day Satan challenges you.”

The fourth night proved to be powerful as PGCB led the congregation to a series of faith declarations: “I am an apostle by the will of God. I am fruitful. I am a leader. I’m a saint in Doulos, faithful in Christ Jesus. I am faithful in Christ Jesus. I pledge my allegiance to God.”

“Our ministry is not personality driven,” said PGCB. “Focus! Fight only the good fight of faith. Don’t fight the wrong fight.” The mindset we need to have should be based on Ephesians 4:11-13, which says that we are prepared for work. uroxatral And when we work, we serve. Part of the preparation is the 90 Days Challenge; it prepares us to love God more and love His people more. We are prepared to fight, and as PGCB put it based on Ephesians 6:12, “We know our fight. We do not fight against flesh and blood.” As we fight, we grow. And growth is the manifestation of our relationship with God. Every day we increase in faith because we are an overcomer; the presence or God makes us victorious.

PGCB said that in the 90 Days Challenge, we need to be supernaturally driven, solution oriented, system focused, spirit filled, and a standard bearer. “You should be a standard bearer. You should have Christlikeness and a multiplying ministry in your life,” she stressed.

On the last night, all the thanksgiving given yet poured out among God’s people, as the end of the week of celebration marks the beginning of preparing for the next 90 Days Challenge. People are encouraged not to stop promoting the people under their care, because we can never measure the level of promotion God is about to give to us. Cell leaders are

commanded to ready their disciples for the 90 Days Challenge by instilling in them a dream—a dream to make a significance in this nation that will spur transformation.

All throughout the week, amazing stories

of how God moved in the lives of His people were shared. Marketplace people testified that when God challenges you to go to the next level 24 hour pharmacy in your workplace, He will increase you. They shared stories about forgiving and being forgiven, serving and loving, sowing and reaping in full. The other challenge finishers buy micardis online testified about exceeding expectations in studies, work, families, and ministries.

With the best praise comes the best offering when throughout the week people gladly gave in celebration of God’s victory over their lives. They gave as a statement of their trust in the Lord, believing that as they affirm their covenant to give, promotion follows. PGCG asserts, “When you struggle in giving, you don’t deserve to receive anything.”

The Week of Celebration is a testament to the great things God has done in our midst during the Wave 2 of the buy penisole 90 Days Challenge. But God is doing even greater things tomorrow, as Joshua 3:5 says, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” We continue to dedicate all the more to God our workplace, campus, church, and nation, because the impossible is yet to unfold before us.