Pastor Geraldine C. Ballano

Pastor Geraldine C. Ballano, the deputy pastor and spiritual mother of Doulos For Christ World Harvest Ministry, has served the Lord faithfully together with his husband, Bishop Oriel. She leads the whole women network of Doulos For Christ, discipling over 8,000 women through cell groups. Under her is a strong team of 12 with their own network of women who are ready to transfrom this nation for God. She focuses on bringing the best out of every woman in her church, as she believes that the women network is God’s secret weapon.

She extends her ministry by training pastors’ wives and women ministry leaders in the vision by conducting conferences and seminars. Together with his husband, she goes around the country to minister to different G12 churches, teaching them to grow deeper in the G12 vision. From time to time, she is also invited to speak to other countries during G12 conferences to minister and impart the revelation God has in store for the women of the world.