Have you experienced leading your cell group for one year and yet your members are still four? Some leaders have stagnant cell groups because they have not learned the values on how to grow their cell groups. Below are some values which you need to master gain grounds in having your cell experience growth.

G God-centered cell meeting

Our cell groups can be relevant and at the same time God-centered. What the generation of today needs is a cell group with God at the center and not religious ones. People in the cell are really hunger for God. They go to the cell because more than whatever needs they have, they want their ultimate need for God to be met. See to it that in the cell group, members are taught how to do their devotions, pray and fast so that their spiritual conditions are assured to be stable and growing deeper every meeting. Learn and practice how to apply the blood of Jesus in the life of your cell members.

R Require members to go to the Process of PEPSOL

As cell leaders, we need to realize that the training is a must for the people in our cell groups to grow. Training is not an option. You do not request for training, you require your members for it. The people inside our

cell groups do not have the values of Christianity at first. We, the cell leaders, are responsible for instilling to their minds the right values that training is a basic part of their Christian life. They need to realize and develop the values of the G12 process since this would be their avenue towards being molded as cell leaders themselves.

O Operate based on proper and right vision casting

Cell leaders should know how to properly cast the vision to their members. They do not just announce the encounter, the trainings, etc. tenoretic They pharmacy should be able impart to the members the importance of the vision and the process of fulfilling the vision in their lives. When we do vision casting, we need to share the New Breed Church mindset that we need to be devoted to the God culture. We need to be sold out for all the things that will help us follow the will of God in our lives and nation. We should also be able to impart to them the irritation of Jesus. He is irritated to seeing people’s lives getting destroyed because they do not have God in their lives. In the same way, our members should also have the compassion for winning souls and making disciples as we do vision casting to them.

W Work out your strategy skillfully

Always set up goals and plans for your team. Remind them that they always need to have 24 hour pharmacy the vision for promotion. Have them evaluate their current status and make them realize the next level they should http://cialis7days-pharmacy.com/super-discount-pack-price.php aim to achieve.

I– Implement basic training skill ( Toothbrush principle)

Train your members to do the basic skills of one verse evangelism and consolidation. Remember that as good leaders, you should be http://cialis7days-pharmacy.com/micronase-price.php able to put them first in a driving school http://pharmacy-online-24hour.com/symmetrel-online.html system before you leave them http://cialis7days-pharmacy.com/ doing the basic training skills on their own.

N Need to develop an exciting and excellent cell meeting

Always be creative and unpredictable in doing your cell groups. There should always be something new every meeting so that the fun and excitement in the cell never get lost. Fun and laughter must be part of the cell atmosphere.

G Give cell members opportunity to exercise and activate their skills.

Involve your people in the ministry to be able to meet other people

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and enhance the talents and gifts the Lord has given them. Letting the people to expand their horizons in their spiritual life will help them grow deeper in their relationship and commitment to the Lord.

C Carry out victory act – Win and consolidate effectively.

Have a good strategy for invitation. Survey says that six out of ten people come to the cell once invited. So if you want ten people to come to the cell, make sure you invite more than ten. Make your invitation enticing enough to keep people interested on what a cell really is. Once newcomers are invited, consolidate them effectively through consistent visitation. It is through visitation that you could know them better, find and meet their needs, and speak over to their lives. People feel that they are important and needed when you visit them.

E Exercise the 3M’s.

Be a good Manager, better Military commander and best in Mother care.

L Learn to collaboratively work as a team

In all the goals and plans for winning and consolidating, the net or anti fungus meds cost the team should work together. Evangelize regularly as a team and consolidate like a mother lion.

L Love soul winning unendingly

Never let the fire to win souls to the Lord die down in your hearts. We should remain as ¨soulniacs¨–people hungry to reach out to the lost generation.

S– Simplify to multiply

Simple is always easy to copy. Make all of your strategies simple yet powerful.