Grounded on the vision of winning souls and making disciples, the Production Ministry ensures that every celebration done together by the body of Christ under Doulos for Christ and the G12 family is a venue for winning people completely to Christ and edifying each one as a disciple worthy of the calling of the Lord.

The production ministry is a churchwide operation with subsegments that encompass the four celebrations of the church: Wildsons, CrossOver, J12, and Couples service. Each member involves in developing the program, scouting for testimonies, planning the logistics, and implementing creative segments. More than the technical specifics, this ministry serves as a conduit among the other ministries such as the ushering and the marshal team, coordinating instructions from the primary leaders and speakers to the functioning units to ensure a smooth program.

The production ministry manages the weekly events of the church including the Sunday celebrations. They also head the on-site activities of major conferences of the G12 Philippines.

Involve in our Church Ministries

How to Join a Ministry:

Ministry is the service that the church gives to God’s people in such a way that excellence would manifest to bring glory to God. Involving in the ministry means going an extra mile from your typical attending or leading the cell group. As you commit yourself to be part of a ministry, the more that maturity will be seen in your life. We believe that everyone has been blessed by the Lord with potentials, talents, and skills that are purposed to be used for His own glory.

By involving in the ministry, you would be able to develop and master your own gifts and abilities while serving and blessing other people as well. It is an avenue to grow more with other people in the Church. And as one involves, his character is also being honed as the Church focuses not on skills but on character in every ministry. Our goal is to bring out the best in each and everyone holistically—spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Connecting to the church through ministry requires a heart for excellence, a passion to learn, and a commitment to enlarge and empower the body of Christ through the talents, gifts and skills He has given us.

Talk to your cell leader to know more about the details of joining the ministries. Do not waste your potentials; be part of a ministry now!