1. I am a True Disciple – Christ-likeness and Multiplying Ministry

2. Caught by the Vision – Understand, Live and Transmit the Vision

3. Committed to Cell life – Evangelism, Leadership Development and Multiplication

4. Passionate Spirituality – Devotional life, Prayer and Fasting and Holiness

5. Submission to Authority – Love, Honor, and Respect my Leaders

6. Commitment to Time – Manage and Invest my Time for the Kingdom

7. Lifelong Relationship – Accountable and Responsible

8. I love Equipping and Training – Training is my Happy Hour

9. I am a Leader of 12 Disciples – I am Born to Multiply

10. Accomplishing Church Goal Setting – I Support, Help and Fulfill the Goals

11. I want to See my Church Grow – Pray, Work and Pay

12. The Importance of Young people – I will prepare the Next Generation