School of Leaders 3

School of Leaders 3 is all about leadership. The main objective of this class is to “endow every person that is willing to b used by God in the vision of cells and in the model of twelve.” It would help students develop an effective leadership that contributes to the strengthening of the leader’s ministry and the growth of the Church. This class would equip them with the character of Christ in winning and consolidating people.

How to Register

  • Secure a Progress Form signed by your respective SOL2 teacher.
  • For students coming from a different class/shift schedule, get a copy of Transferee Form from the PSOL admin area. Supply all necessary information and submit it to your post-encounter teacher. Bring your Transferee Form together with your Student Progress form upon registration.
  • Approach your class teacher or facilitator in-charge and sign up on the class masterlist form that will be given to you.


  • Graduate of SOL 2.
  • As part of the training requirements, each student in SOL 3 must be focused in building up and establishing their team of 12.




School of Leaders 3: Leadership and Consolidation


Lesson 1 – Leadership
Lesson 2 – The Calling
Lesson 3 – The Personality of a Leader -part 1
Lesson 4 – The Personality of a Leader -part2
Lesson 5 – The Price of Leadership
Lesson 6 – Principles for a Leadership
Lesson 7 – Danger in Leadership
Lesson 8 – Types of Leadership
Lesson 9 – Practical Advices for Preaching -part 1
Lesson 10 -Practical Advices for Preaching -part 2


Lesson 1 – Consolidation
Lesson 2 – How to Consolidate
Lesson 3 – The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 4 – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 5 – Ministry Gifts
Lesson 6 – The Importance of Counseling
Lesson 7 – The Application of Counseling
Lesson 8 – The Practice of Biblical Counseling
Lesson 9 – Key Themes in Counseling
Lesson 10 -Counseling Workshop