School of Leaders 2

The main objective of this level of training is to train the leader in the vision of growth–the cellular vision. In this level, the leader learns the structure and development of a cell, and the process of raising a team of leaders out of a cell group. This training also equips the leader in intercession, evangelism, and service.


How to Register

  • Secure a Progress Form signed by your respective SOL 1 teacher.
  • For students coming from a different class/shift schedule, get a copy of Transferee Form from the PSOL admin area. Supply all necessary information and submit it to your post-encounter teacher. Bring your Transferee Form together with your Student Progress form upon registration.
  • Approach your class teacher or facilitator in-charge and sign up on the class masterlist form that will be given to you.


  • Graduate of SOL 1.
  • As part of the training requirements, each student under SOL 2 level must be able to build and solidify his cell group.


School of Leaders 2:  Vision and Intercession


Lesson 1 – The Power of Vision
Lesson 2 – The Cellular Vision
Lesson 3 – Preparation to Lead a Cell
Lesson 4 – Structure and Development of a Cell
Lesson 5 – Methodology of Cell Group
Lesson 6 – Strategy for Success
Lesson 7 – Motivation for Cell Growth
Lesson 8 – How to Solve Problems in the Cellgroup
Lesson 9 – How to Choose a Team of Leaders
Lesson 10 -Relationship between the Leader and His Disciples


Lesson 1 – Moving the Hand of God through Intercession
Lesson 2 – Intercession – part 1
Lesson 3 – Intercession – part 2
Lesson 4 – Knowing the Holy Spirit
Lesson 5 – Strengthening the Ministry through Evangelism
Lesson 6 – Evangelism – part 1
Lesson 7 – Evangelism – part 2
Lesson 8 – Evangelism – part 3
Lesson 9 – Serving Others – part 1
Lesson 10 – Serving Others – part 2