School of Leaders 1

The main objective of this level of training is not to provide a wealth of information, but to form efficient leaders founded on the basics of salvation, prayer, baptism, faith, and the Holy Spirit. The lessons for this level are “…not designed for the students to become theologians, rather for them to have an effective tool to make disciples and to implement the vision.” (Castellanos, 2007)

How to Register

  • Secure a Progress Form signed by your respective Post Encounter teacher.
  • For students coming from a different class/shift schedule, get a copy of Transferee Form from the PSOL admin area. Supply all necessary information and submit it to your post-encounter teacher. Bring your Transferee Form together with your Student Progress form upon registration.
  • Approach your class teacher or facilitator in-charge and sign up on the class masterlist form that will be given to you.


  • Graduate of Post Encounter.
  • As part of the training requirements, each student under SOL 1 level must be able to win and consolidate atleast three people.


School of Leaders: Foundation and Family


Lesson 1 – Salvation
Lesson 2 – The New Birth
Lesson 3 – The True Repentance
Lesson 4 – Bible Institute
Lesson 5 – Prayer
Lesson 6 – Baptism
Lesson 7 – Faith
Lesson 8 – The Holy Spirit
Lesson 9 – Laying on of Hands
Lesson 10- How to Overcome Obstacles


Lesson 1 – The Family
Lesson 2 – The Family Members and Their Proper Roles
Lesson 3 – Protecting Self-Esteem
Lesson 4 – YOUTH: Seven Steps to Successful Courtship
————— ADULT: Strengthen Marital Love
Lesson 5 – Strengthening Communication in the Family
Lesson 6 – The Blessing of God Upon Family
Lesson 7 – The Leader and His Family
Lesson 8 – Abundant Life