What is Post-Encounter?

The Post-Encounter will help a person who has encountered the Lord gain more firmness in his commitment to serve and live for God. It is where he will be equipped with the Word of God to fight against the temptations and attacks of the enemy. It is also the place where he will learn how to relate with other people as a new believer and how to live a victorious life by overcoming problems.


  • Lesson 1 Purpose
  • Lesson 2 Be Firm in Your Decisions
  • Lesson 3 Relating To God
  • Lesson 4 The Power Of Worship and Praise
  • Lesson 5 The Bible, The Book That Will Transform Your Life
  • Lesson 6 The Importance Of Baptism
  • Lesson 7 We Were Created To Bless
  • Lesson 8 The Blessing of Fatherhood
  • Lesson 9 Knowing Of The Will Of God
  • Lesson 10 Think Like A Conqueror
  • Lesson 11 God Created Man So He Would Be Prosperous