More than 400 youth delegates gathered together for this year’s first batch of the Doulos for Christ Youth Camp held on March 29-31, 2015 at CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center. With the theme “We Will Not Be Silent,” the three-day camp focused on training and empowering the youth to become the light and the salt inside their campuses. (Matthew 5:13-16)

Bishop Oriel M. Ballano has imparted the ways on how to build your God-given project effectively. He emphasized the importance of building the task with decision and determination and to become a finisher in everything you do. He highlighted that we are serving a great God that’s why we must be building something great for Him. “Your God is a great God. Don’t shortchange your God.”[BOMB]

BOMB also taught these young people that they could reach out to their campuses by being a true disciple. “If we want to change the nation of the Philippines, we need to fill our campuses with real disciples.”[BOMB] We must not just see Jesus as our Savior, we must also accept Him as Lord, then you’re partnership with Him begins. [Mark 1:17] Even with every obstacle along the way, we

are trained not to give up. Indeed, “Problems are the vitamins of the champion.”[BOMB]

In this year’s camp, every youth expressed worship as never before, raced through the games with every heart set to the goal, developed relationships with fellow nation-changers and became equipped in doing and accomplishing each one’s God-given project.

The camp ended with every heart fired up to accomplish the God-given project for every youth disciple. Indeed, as the youth changed and empowered by God, this is the cry of today’s generation who loves God: WE WILL NOT BE SILENT! Let our lives echo the message of the gospel that will revolutionize

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every campus, and eventually, the nation and the world. Let’s transform the campus today and surely, we will see a transformed Philippines tomorrow!