Hundreds of disciple-makers of Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry flocked to PICC Forum 2 on August 17, 2015, to hear inspiration and instruction from their spiritual parents Bs. Oriel M. Ballano (BOMB) and Ps. Geraldine C. Ballano (PGCB) specifically as regards #DoulosCellMiracleCatch.

Doulos Church Disciple Makers' Meeting - Ptra Geraldine Ballano


PGCB emphasized how thankful they are for disciples who are allowing God to make them His instruments. She reaffirmed that the progressive culture in Doulos is because of the grace of God which always makes everyone strong and more passionate.

BOMB led everyone to celebrate the result of CMC: 8,850 people who entered the covenant to discover God’s plan and 1,110 newly opened discovery groups. He also reminded the participants that leadership at all levels of the vision is highly needed at this time. Without a leader, there is no vision; decisions are delayed; the agenda of the group is multiplied when each should have a focus. Also, without a leader, conflicts are prolonged; people lose hope and morale dies down; and, harvest is reduced. Most importantly, without a leader, success is difficult.

Doulos Church Disciple Makers' Meeting 2


All disciple-makers are now ready to give multi-level commitment, balance evangelism and consolidation, and bring people small groups to large gatherings. Through God’s Word, they receive the motivation to conquer faith goals, maintain spiritual atmosphere for growth, and enjoy the ministry. God’s love is indeed louder the voice of this world, and His disciples will not be silent in proclaiming His gospel so that more and more people will be saved.