United with one vision and one spirit, the Doulos 288 leaders are now in full gear to conquer greater heights and to advance God’s Kingdom. These leaders received empowerment directly from our spiritual parents Bishop Oriel M. Ballano (BOMB) and Pastor Geraldine C. Ballano (PGCB) during the 288 Doulos Meeting held June 20 at PBS Bldg, UN Avenue.

“You are born to increase and to be fruitful,” PGCB said to the 144 leaders reminding them that they are called to subdue the earth. She added that as we are the exact representation of the glory of God, it is our role to sharpen and master the knowledge, attitude, skills, and habit that we have.

On the other hand, BOMB emphasized the importance of having a vision that must be integrated in our lives. Without a vision, we will always see the limitations and impossibilities, but having a vision will give us power to conquer and to believe that all things are possible. He even pointed out that the enemy will always try to distort our vision so we can easily lose our desire to dream and to conquer. The meeting ended as BOMB encouraged all the leaders to cheer up and get up from their current situation. The 144 leaders received the strength from God as they recognized that all their efforts will soon be rewarded.