Doctor Bishop Oriel M. Ballano

Bishop Oriel M. Ballano, a faithful servant and revolutionary for the Lord, is the G12 National Coordinator for the Philippines and the Founder and Senior Pastor of Doulos For Christ World Harvest Ministry (DFCWHM). With God’s faithfulness in his life, he was granted an Honorary Doctorate of Theology at the Theology University in Midwest in 2005 and an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Leadership from Midwest University in 2013. Ordained as a bishop in February 2010 by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), his ministry extends not only in Manila but to almost every part of the Philippines and to different countries such as Korea, Singapore, US, and Canada as a local and international mentor, minister, and speaker.

Bishop Oriel, dearly called by his church as “BOMB,” started his first ministry as a youth in the Far Eastern University Manila where he took up BS Architecture in 1986. It is where he received God’s calling and revelation for him to reach out to the lost through a ministry that will win the young people as the top of mind. He believes that in order to win the nation, we need to win the campus first. This vision made him decide to pastor his own church with his very supportive wife, Pastor Geraldine Ballano, in 1988, focusing primarily on the students and the young people.

Pastor Geraldine serves the Lord through discipling the women’s network in Doulos For Christ and in other G12 churches in and out of the country. Together with her team of primary 12, they handle more than 8,000 women who are all allocated in the cell groups, ready to conquer the campuses, families, communities, and companies for the Lord. She helps other G12 churches by being an inspiration and a mentor to pastor’s and leader’s wives.

As with other churches, Doulos For Christ started with very few members. But as the Lord led Bishop Oriel to embrace the G12 Vision, with the unending guidance of his own leader and founder of the G12 Vision, Pastor Cesar Castellanos from Bogota, Colombia, the church has gone through unprecedented growth that started in 2003. On that year, Doulos for Christ grew from 200 church members to 2000 disciples.

In 2010, God led Doulos to another strategy to reach out to the lost generation through the “Conquest.” A total of 4000 saved souls were added to the church’s congregation on that year. As the outpouring of anointing flows through BOMB, the church continues to grow up to 11,000 and counting up to date. People are being saved one day after another as the church trains and equips people to evangelize and disciple others.

More than a pastor on his local church, Bishop Oriel leads the entire G12 Philippines for the fulfillment of the vision of nation transformation and goal of world conquest. He serves more than 5000 churches in the Philippines by conducting mentoring sessions, trainings, seminars and conferences from Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao, teaching them about church growth, cell multiplication, discipleship and the G12 vision. He also ministers to different foreign and Filipino churches in Asia and other countries as a well sought-after local and international speaker.

Bishop Oriel, with his team of 12, his church, the rest of the National 12, and the whole community of the G12 Philippines, continue to raise the bar in evangelism and discipleship, gaining back salvation and multiplication for the lives of the Filipino people. As one, they work together in revolutionizing every segment of the country, declaring that the Philippines is for the Lord and bringing every lost soul back to the arms of God.