Summer WildSONs opens April 8, 2016.
Every Friday 4-6pm at Isetann Recto


WildSONs is the weekly youth gathering of Doulos held at the heart of the University Belt to cater primarily the college and high school students. WildSONs refers to the radical Seeds of the Nation — the youth. With services held twice a day for three days a week, it provides an avenue for approximately 3,000 students weekly to receive the right amount of fun, inspiration, and learning. WildSONs includes games, sharing of testimonies, and great music from the SONs band. It also creates an atmosphere where values based on biblical principles are taught through the preaching of God’s Word, so that the young people can be connected to God and used by Him while they are still in their campuses. WildSONs hinges on the declaration that if we change the campus, we change the nation.