Doulos Worship Album: We Will Not Be Silent

Just like a blazing fire burning in our hearts, this generation cannot hold our worship to God. We are going to take it a notch higher as we give every breath in praise of Him who deserves our everything. In declaration of His goodness and love, let’s all shout till all our air runs out as God reveals His splendor in our very own nation. In all of this, who will be able to hold it in? Indeed, we cannot, and so we will keep on proclaiming, “We Will Not Be Silent.”

Acting on the desire to boldly worship and declare God in this generation, the Doulos for Christ Worship Team will now be releasing its very first worship album. With songs of declaration, praise and love to God, they are calling out to every one in our nation to speak of His name and sing to His heart.

But if […]

Back to Church Sunday

“Don’t go to church only when your life is well. Remember that the church is the place where your life can be fixed.” – Bishop Oriel M. Ballano

Give your cell members, family, and friends the chance to get their lives back together. Bring them to God at Back to Church Sunday this coming March 30! Services at 10 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM, at World Trade Center Tent.

90 Days Challenge: 4th Wave

What is the 90 Days Challenge?
It is a challenge that will change our lives and transform our church!
Today, Christianity has become a religious practice and the church is a place where people go to out of tradition, habit or guilt. For others, church is a place for religious events and programs. We believe that Christianity is more than religion; it’s more than church activities. It can be even more!

In this 90 Days Challenge, you will discover how your church will help you reach your God-given potential; and together as a body, you can become a church that can transform your nation and the world.
The 90 Days Challenge campaign will challenge you to grow deeper in your spiritual life, to connect stronger with the body of Christ, to share greater and better as a steward, and to go wider in your vision. At the end of this challenge, you won’t […]

Young and Amazing: Youth Camp 2014 Promo

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