G12 Core Values

1. I am a True Disciple – Christ-likeness and Multiplying Ministry

2. Caught by the Vision – Understand, Live and Transmit the Vision

3. Committed to Cell life – Evangelism, Leadership Development and Multiplication

4. Passionate Spirituality – Devotional life, Prayer and Fasting and Holiness

5. Submission to Authority – Love, Honor, and Respect my Leaders

6. Commitment to Time – Manage and Invest my Time for the Kingdom

7. Lifelong Relationship – Accountable and Responsible

8. I love Equipping and Training – Training is my Happy Hour

9. I am a Leader of 12 Disciples – I am Born to Multiply

10. Accomplishing Church Goal Setting – I Support, Help and Fulfill the Goals

11. I want to See my Church Grow – Pray, Work and Pay

12. The Importance of Young people – I will prepare the Next Generation

Reasons Why Cell Your Life

1. You will understand the Bible better in a Cell group. Have you ever listened to a pastor or Bible teacher and while he is preaching, you wanted to stop him and say, “But what about…?” or “I don’t understand!” Then a cell group is for you! Preaching and teaching is both a one-way communication scheme. You listen while the preacher speaks. This kind of set up is fine for imparting knowledge but for the sake of personal application, cell group is rather more effective. In a cell group setting, you can ask questions, participate in a discussion of the text, and hear others share insights and illustrations of the truth you are trying to grasp. The Bible must be applied to your own personal situations, and that happens best in small groups.   2. You will begin to […]

The Responsibilities of a G12 Cell Leader

1. Coordinate weekly meetings. This involves preparing to meet your potential leaders. Plan out for the inspiration and instructions you need to lay down to your members. Have enough time for planning so that you could put into structure the important things you need to communicate to them. 2. Keep on training the potential cell leaders. You are in contact with potential leaders in your cell more than with anyone else in the church. You are to train them and monitor their PEPSOL training. Do mentoring sessions with them on each stage of their equipping process. Train them to do one verse evangelism, consolidation, how to open cell through the driving school principle. 3. Identify and include new people in your cell group. The large events in the church are designed to be a place wherein […]

How to Grow Your Cell Effectively

Have you experienced leading your cell group for one year and yet your members are still four? Some leaders have stagnant cell groups because they have not learned the values on how to grow their cell groups. Below are some values which you need to master gain grounds in having your cell experience growth. G- God-centered cell meeting Our cell groups can be relevant and at the same time God-centered. What the generation of today needs is a cell group with God at the center and not religious ones. People in the cell are really hunger for God. They go to the cell because more than whatever needs they have, they want their ultimate need for God to be met. See to it that in the cell group, members are taught how to do their devotions, pray and fast so that their spiritual conditions are assured to be […]