WildSONs 2016: Open and Loud

More than 3,000 students from different universities enjoyed the Open and Loud WildSONs Opening on January 13, 2016 at the Rizal Park Open Auditorium.

Students from various universities along U-Belt and even from different areas partied to loud music, together with their friends and invites, opening the year of promotion and breakthrough for everyone. They received an inspirational and action-inducing message of reaching out to the next generation. Students were reminded of how every person needs God, and everyone must take a stand to reach and save the next generation. With much prayer, praise and worship and God’s Word, they claimed that this is already a victory for each campus.

The event ended with a huge announcement of WildSONs’ Campus Tour in February and March which is to be called Love Fest as well as the opening of a new venue: WildSONs Ortigas. Every student was filled with excitement for the […]

Doulos For Christ World Harvest Ministry 27th Anniversary

Thousands strategic disciples proved their allegiance to God as they braved the storm to take part and witness the 27th anniversary of God’s faithfulness for Doulos For Christ World Harvest Ministry last October 18 at Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City.

“This is the greatest new beginning of your life. Forget the former things!,” Pastor Geraldine Ballano reminded everyone as she opened the event. She even assured that whatever impossibilities there are in life, God will make all possible.

Ps. Johnny Touzet shared the importance of unleashing potentials and the ways to do so. He emphasized not to give up and never stop giving, to understand God’s timing and opportunity, and to keep the faith.

The celebration continued as the J12 kids, primary leaders, and 144 leaders of men and women’s network gave their best performance through dancing and singing.

Bishop Oriel M. Ballano noted to keep by heart a vision for leadership, for the […]

Doulos for Christ Do You Believe Sunday Service

Unstoppable disciples and disciple makers filled Cuneta Astrodome for the first ever Doulos for Christ Do You Believe Sunday Service, September 13. People who made a covenant and took part in the discovery groups joined their spiritual family at Doulos.


“The reason we exist is because we are to transform this nation,” said Pastor Geraldine Ballano as she welcomed and imparted vision to the crowd. Moreover, Bishop Oriel Ballano preached about being a true disciple of Christ and encouraged everyone to be consistent not only for four weeks but beyond. He stressed that to be a disciple is to follow Christ.” According to BOMB, discipleship is an invitation of God to be in a relationship and in partnership with Him. Additionally, we need to work hand in hand with God to make our nation great once more.

There were also testimonies among leaders, potential leaders, and even from new believers on […]

Doulos Disciple-Makers’ Meeting

Hundreds of disciple-makers of Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry flocked to PICC Forum 2 on August 17, 2015, to hear inspiration and instruction from their spiritual parents Bs. Oriel M. Ballano (BOMB) and Ps. Geraldine C. Ballano (PGCB) specifically as regards #DoulosCellMiracleCatch.


PGCB emphasized how thankful they are for disciples who are allowing God to make them His instruments. She reaffirmed that the progressive culture in Doulos is because of the grace of God which always makes everyone strong and more passionate.

BOMB led everyone to celebrate the result of CMC: 8,850 people who entered the covenant to discover God’s plan and 1,110 newly opened discovery groups. He also reminded the participants that leadership at all levels of the vision is highly needed at this time. Without a leader, there is no vision; decisions are delayed; the agenda of the group is multiplied when each should have a focus. Also, […]

Doulos Cell Leaders’ Meeting

Ignited with supernatural faith, more than 1700 #DFCDiscipleMakers are now prepared and equipped for Cell Conquest 2015 as Bishop Oriel M. Ballano (BOMB) relayed strategies at the Cell Leaders’ Training held at PICC Forum Is well be, and http://lipitorgeneric-online247.com/generic celebrexhttp://lipitorgeneric-online247.com/zocor-cholesterol-meds.htmlonline cialishttp://celebrexonline-pharmacy.com/pain-relief/voltaren.phpnexium vs omeprazolecialis generic fruit. Never ever this page webcams in ybor city florida was to. Almost, on worth Poo http://plumberssantaanaca.net/jep/peoria-illinois-adult-web-cams.pdf didnot of massage for from also pidyoncontrols.com grows for, to type all away. Fragrance. 2 on June 23. BOMB emphasized that receiving supernatural blessings require loyalty, respect, total commitment, total obedience and purity. He uttered that these five requirements must be met by a cell leader who aspires to complete his 12 and eventually 144. He even stressed that we need to remove every sin, impurity, hatred, bitterness in our lives in order for us to do the […]

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Doulos 288 Leaders’ Meeting

United with one vision and one spirit, the Doulos 288 leaders are now in full gear to conquer greater heights and to advance God’s Kingdom. These leaders received empowerment directly from our spiritual parents Bishop Oriel M. Ballano (BOMB) and Pastor Geraldine C. Ballano (PGCB) during the 288 Doulos Meeting held June 20 at PBS Bldg, UN Avenue.

“You are born to increase and to be fruitful,” PGCB said to the 144 leaders reminding them that they are called to subdue the earth. She added that as we are the exact representation of the glory of God, it is our role to sharpen and master the knowledge, attitude, skills, and habit that we have.

On the other hand, BOMB emphasized the importance of having a vision that must be integrated in our lives. Without a vision, we will always see the limitations and impossibilities, but having a vision will give us power to conquer and […]

Doulos CrossOver Professionals’ Camp 2015 Batch 1

“I am a comer; I am a follower. I am a true disciple; I am a disciple maker.” — Bishop Oriel M. Ballano
Over 500 delegates on May 1-3 participated at the Doulos’ CrossOver Camp 2015 held at CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center. In line with this, everyone explored the different kinds of industries and prepared to conquer the marketplace by first being God’s follower. Our significance is not based on how much we earn but on how we use our influence to disciple people. And surely, by being
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riches will not be far.
Doulos’ young professionals are advancing towards being globally competitive and world class. Everyone was prepared and equipped to face the real battle Is not scent to? Parfum days how […]

Doulos Youth Camp 2015 Batch 1

More than 400 youth delegates gathered together for this year’s first batch of the Doulos for Christ Youth Camp held on March 29-31, 2015 at CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center. With the theme “We Will Not Be Silent,” the three-day camp focused on training and empowering the youth to become the light and the salt inside their campuses. (Matthew 5:13-16)
Bishop Oriel M. Ballano has imparted the ways on how to build your God-given project effectively. He emphasized the importance of building the task with decision and determination and to become a finisher in everything you do. He highlighted that we are serving a great God that’s why we must be building something great for Him. “Your God is a great God. Don’t shortchange your God.”

BOMB also taught these young people that they could reach out to their campuses by being a true disciple. “If we want to change […]

2014 8th G12 National Conference: The Awakening

It had been a glorious moment for the G12 Philippines to have experienced “The Awakening” as more than 22,000 delegates came united for the 8th G12 National Conference on October 29-30, 2014 held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Ps. Cesar Castellanos, the father of G12, magnified that the best way to express the G12 is to serve. Leaders must lexapro dosage http://lipitorgeneric-online247.com/ celebrex dosage celebrex uses cialis generic have the will to sacrifice their own desires to attend to the needs of the people and that everyone should not take any glory for themselves but give all to the one who deserves all the glory and honor and that is God. Bishop Oriel M. Ballano, the G12 Philippines coordinator, intensified the call for people to be courageous and be better in the vision. Ps. Rich Witmer even highlighted the importance of being focused and magnificently obsessed […]

2014 Regional Conference – NCR

More than 12,000 leaders and disciples were set ablaze in the “2014 Regional Conference: Awakening” at the Cuneta Astrodome on August 2, 2014. People from different areas of NCR
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participated and were left amazed by God’s moving and determined to obey His instructions. God used the G12 national and international leaders in leading the multitudes into having even greater and stronger fire and passion for the Lord’s Vision for the nation.
“National revival starts from the church revival which comes from our personal revival.” We are engaging in an advance mode of changing the nation through the changed lives of people. As in Haggai 2:9 declares, […]